Transit Diagram Map Elements – Vienna Style

After 40 years without having a transit network diagram for all bus and tramway lines, but instead relying on a route map superimposed over a city map, Vienna’s Wiener Linien commissioned a network transit diagram in 2016. In comparison to the old diagrams in use until the 1970s, the new diagram forced the lines into strict directions every 15°, and lines abruptly changed without a soft curves. It also did not include the reverse loops for tramway lines  and the large parks and green areas were symbolized with green squares.

Vienna Transit Diagram from 1953

While working on a concept how Vienna’s future public transportation could look like, I took the liberty to adapt the 2016 style and change some of it’s features that bothered me. The changes include:

  • Directions were reduced to every 30°.
  • Direction changes in lines have a standard radius. They have a soft curves.
  • Rail and metro station symbols were adapted to differentiate between metro and rail lines, between terminus and regular stations, and between stations with only commuter rail service and those that are also served by express trains.
  • I tried to come up with a style that also informs passengers of transfer walk times and directions between stations.
  • A symbolic background map showing green areas, water, city and the outline of some landmarks.
  • The inclusion of reverse loops were included were possible.
  • Water and cable transportation services.
  • If buses or trams pass over or under metro and railways, then that is shown in the transit diagram
  • Line plaques were adapted for tramway, city bus, regional bus and local bus lines.

Here a map section with the official style and unofficial style in comparison.

Official style (source) – unofficial style

And here a map with the style implemented. Click to open in new tab.

Public Transportation Concept – Vienna 2030

Any improvement suggestions or feed back would be appreciated.


  1. Public Transportation Concept – Vienna 2030 is well decorated and sustainable planning I think. It would be a great initiative for public transportation.


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