South Vienna´s Busses: Knocking on Doors

Back in May to July I put together My Proposal for South Vienna´s Busses. Since then, I have also tried to get the word out for the proposal. The city’s public transportation company, the Wiener Linien, have two official possibilities for this. One is to contact the customer service (Kundenservice) which will then forward issues to the respective departments and the other is to the passenger council (Fahrgastbeirat) which is a council of 16 citizens, that serve for 4 years and are tasked with representing the passengers towards the city and company. They discuss issues brought to them by passengers and formulate recommendations. In October I sent my proposal to the two institutions Fahrgastbeirat und Kundenservice and hope to get word back from the council after  their next council meeting.

I also reached out to the political parties that are represented in Vienna’s 23rd District Council and I got the chance to present it in the Traffic Committee last week. It was well received from most parties.  As of now the NEOS are in full support of it, the District Mayor Gerald Bischof, from the Social Democrats, wants it reviewed in detail to determine if is an improvement or not, that leaves the parties FPÖ, Greens, ÖVP and Pro23 who I hope to convince a bold network adaptation is the way to go. All the parties, save the Social Democrats, have proposed improvements to the bus network in the last half year, they range from implementing a tangential west to east express bus line, improving the bus frequencies on particular routes, setting aside bus lanes and preparing for a possible new tram line and calling for a general concept for the district. I am high hopes that the transportation network in the district will be improved!

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