South Vienna´s Busses: Barcelona’s Xarxa Ortogonal d’Autobusos

The folks over in Erdberg in the Vienna’s public transportation company, the Wiener Linien, do take their work seriously and have heard various grievances over the bus routes in the south of the city. The network has not stayed stuck in time since the 1980s, continues improvements have been made. Lines have been extended to new U-Bahn lines, new senior citizens homes, schools and residential development have been connected via a detour from a nearby bus line. Circular lines have been introduced and adapted. Even three to four lines have been changed at once. But what I feel is necessary is a complete overhaul, comparable to the one completed by Barcelona the last 6 years.

Barcelona’s Bus Network early 2000s

Barcelona decided to completely redo their bus network. Similar to that of South Vienna’s network it had grown into collection of detours and individual lines that did not represent a coherent network.

Sketch of ideas how to implement a grid network

With a implementation over three phases the network looks today like this:


South Vienna‘s network could and should have a bold overhaul similar to that of Barcelona‘s. True, the planned street grid of Barcelona allows a grid like network easier than the grown road network of the incorporated towns in south Vienna, but a network-overhaul similar to Barcelona is possible.



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