South Vienna´s Busses: Spread-out Stops instead of Interchanges.

I have been frustrated and annoyed by the busses in the south of Vienna for two decades. I remember clearly 20 years ago waiting for a bus to Mauer at Endressstraße after taking the S-Bahn to Atzgersdorf when a bus turned around the corner from Gatterederstraße that was also driving to Mauer which did not stop at the stop I was waiting at. Completely confused why, I walked the 30m around the corner to where the bus had came from to find another stop from this other bus line that also had a route to Mauer. As I read the time table there, the original bus I was waiting for drove past and missed that one too.

Atzgersdorf S-Bahn Station ist m

The 56A, 56B, 58A, 60A and 66A all stop at the Atzgersdorf train station but at 6 different points for four different directions. The stopping points are not ideal to change to the S-Bahn station. Let’s say you took the bus from Rosenhügel down to the Atzgersdorf S-Bahn station, then your stop is on the corner northwest of Endressstraße and Gatterederstraße, that means you need to wait for two traffic lights to be able to cross over those two roads and climb the stairs to the train. The only times you do not have cross a zebra crossing is if you drive northwest with the 60A or east with the 58A or 66A. All of these bus lines should either share two stopping points on Gatterederstraße or underneath the S-Bahn bridge on Endressstraße.

This kind of spread out stopping points is sadly not unique in the 23rd District. At the Atzgerdorfer Platz three bus lines intersect and at Am Rosenhügel four bus lines, their stopping points are again scattered. The only halfway decent bus interchange is at the Liesing train station. The transfer possibilities at Inzersdorf could also be greatly improved if the bus lines there came from different directions and stopped at one central interchange. For all the criticism I have for the three bus lines that traverse the Stein Berg, they do have a good transfer station at Am Spiegeln. Stops where four, three or even two bus lines intersect should be designed that an easy transfer is possible.

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