South Vienna’s Busses: Race The Bus – Walk

London – Mansion House to Cannon Street

3 years ago James Heptonstall raced the Tube in London.

He ran a race from the Mansion House to Cannon Street Underground Station exiting and entering the same train of the Circle Line in London. The doors opened, James sprinted out, up the stairs, down Cloak Lane, into the Cannon Street Underground Station, down the stairs and back into the same train.

Vienna – Karl Schwed Gasse to Rudolf Zeller Gasse

I recently won race against the bus number 6419 on the 60A bus line in Vienna.

Karl Schwed Gasse

I exited at the bus stop Karl-Schwed-Gasse and I said good bye to the bus driver.


I took a leisurely walk down the Endressstraße, passing under the aqueduct which bridges the Knotzenbach valley.


Waited for the traffic light next to Church of the Redeemer Endressstraße.

Rudolf Zeller

Finally I waited a minute at the Rudolf Zeller Gasse bus stop until the bus number 6419 came down the hill. I boarded and said hello to the same bus driver and sat down in my previous seat.

You see in Vienna you do not need to sprint to win a speed race against public transportation, walking is completely sufficient.

Why is walking the Endressstraße faster than the taking the bus? The walk consists a 550m long straight path with a steady 8‰ slope. The bus on the other hand, needs to climb a 500m 32‰ hill (called Steinberg), turn a 90° right corner, climb another 180m 22‰ slope, stop at Am Spiegeln, drive down 360m with 36‰ slope and two 120° turns to the bus stop Taglieberstraße, before driving down the 300m long and 36‰ hill of Rudolf Zeller Gasse with two additional 90° turns.


The bus takes a 1340m detour with six turns for the 550m distance, burns extra fuel climbing and descending the hills, causes an additional sound pollution and takes 4 minutes longer than necessary. Both stops Taglieberstraße and Am Spiegeln are serviced by other bus lines. Having a bus line drive straight down Endressstraße and save 4 minutes off the drive would not worsen the quality of public transportation of Steinberg significantly.


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