Travel time to the solar eclipse. Isochrone map by Michael Zeiler

I would like to share this somewhat different isochrone map. Instead of to or from one point (see London, Vienna and Berlin isochrone maps) or even to several points (see Wales), the Drive time to the centerline of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse, shows drive times to a line from the US west to the US east coast.

Michael Zeiler Drive time to the centerline of eclipse
Michael Zeiler,

The line is the path of the solar eclipse August 21st 2017. Michael Zeiler and Polly White are the people behind the Great American Eclipse LLC which also has a bunch of other maps and neat information about the eclipse. I think it is a very well done map and should be useful for many Americans this summer.

Edit 2017.03.30:

MetricMaps has a second useful map concerning the eclipse. The Eclipse and Average Daily Sunlight for 21st August.


It is a choropleth map with each county in the continental 48 colored according to the average sunlight on the 21st of August. If you want observe the eclipse then sunny St. Louis is safer place to travel to compared to cloudy Nashville.

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