Pancontinental highways that follow Flyways

Because the previous post A bird highways in the sky is a flyway loaded slowly for some internet surfers, it has been split into two parts, here the second part.

A similar visualization Convergence of broad-scale migration strategies in terrestrial birds at the Cornell Lab. was programmed by ETH Zürich graduate Nicolás Miranda. However, without a “average location” calculation but with individual bird’s location plotted on a world map. I took the liberty of looping as section of the animation as seen below.

Fly Away 4
Fly Away 193 birds – 6 migratory species Nicolás Miranda – at ETH Zürich

Fly away … is based on data collected during 17 years, using satellite transmitters. Data were stored in the database For its visualization, Nicolás analysed about 600,000 data points of 193 different bird individuals. He coded the data and programmed algorithms, which allowed him to make visible the pattern of migratory movements.

What I particularly like about Nicolás’s animation are the grey traces of the flyways, almost like a highway network.  Remarkably large lengths of these flyways follow highways, or should I say our man made highway routes follow the birds. One can clearly see the parts of the 30,000 kilometres Pacific Americas Highway as it hugs the Andes and central America before crossing the great plains north to Canada.Pan American Highway

Pan American highway by Warko

And parts of the 10,228 km Cairo–Cape Town Highway  before the birds follow Arabian Peninsula the Tigris and Euphrates north to Europe.
Pan African Highway

Route of Trans-Africa Highway 4, Cairo–Cape Town by Rexparry sydney

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