Londons Ringways

Vienna is by far not the only city which had extensive plans for an interstate network. London had a plan for a total of 4 Ringways motorways, plus 12 radial motorways (see Pathetic Motorways for an overview of which were built and individual details about their fate). Most of them were never built, due to money shortage and public opinion turning on razing so many houses and slicing neighbourhoods in half with elevated roads.

Londons' Ringways as proposed in late 1960s
Wikipedia: Londons’ Ringways as proposed in late 1960s

Above is a overview map of the proposed Ringways. From the central Ringway 1, going out to the outer Ringway 4.  The dotted lines show what was planned but not built and green lines represent motorways that were built to stitch the 3 and 4 together.

Since this piece of transportation history has been extensively described elsewhere on the net, I would suggest  Pathetic Motorways  humours  take on individual motorways from all over the UK (the featured image is from there). Also, see Chris Marshall’s CBRD, for an Ringways explanation in great detail here.

I highly recommend watching Jay Foreman documentary [12:18 minutes] about this grand scheme to.

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